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Meet Kent

Kent Reedy is a native to the Midwestern United States. He became involved in Taxidermy at the age of 16. An outdoor enthusiast and his intense interest in his "hobby" led him to self-taught techniques and artistry of Taxidermy.

He was first drawn to waterfowl and upland birds by the natural beauty, intricate animation, and presentation in their natural surroundings. His initial ten years of developmental study focused on bird anatomy and development of artificial products for methodological application in Bird Taxidermy. This eventually led Kent to the Iowa State Taxidermy Competition held in 1985. The competition was the first of many others that held great significance in Kent's career.

Since his competitive career began, he has judged numerous state shows, the

European World show as well as national, international, and world competitions.

Kent's Accolades include:

1985 - ITA Best of Show

1987 - ITA Best of Show

1987 - Best In World: Bird

1987 - Best of Show World Competition

1989 - IGT Best of Show

1990 - NTA Best Bird

1995 - Master of Master World Competition

2005 - ITA Best of Show

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